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Dr. Bean Offers Unity, Not Divisiveness

Updated: May 17, 2022

- A Caution Against Critical Race Theory -

What is Critical Race Theory?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a way of re-framing every piece of history, sociology and society through the lens of the oppressed and oppressor.

While there certainly have been oppressed people in America and throughout the history of the world, the theory goes beyond mourning of specific moments or eras by redefining every moment as one of oppression.


  • Disregards the joy and gratefulness of a history worth celebrating.

  • Brings the same oppression to the classroom claiming that whether explicit or implicit the subjects, students and teachers are all either victims or oppressors.

  • Reinforces the idea that cultural, language, or socioeconomic barriers to a unified community are not worth overcoming because our students will always be defined ONLY by those differences rather than by their respect or hospitality for one another.

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