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Dear Supporters,

I learned when Janet was fighting for her life, it was in all those moments, good and bad that meant more to us than any possible outcome. In those moments like countless hospital stays, weekly chemotherapy, rehabs’ stints, major surgeries, and brutal radiation treatments, interwoven with life’s joys, we realized that beautiful blessings came forth. And it was these blessings that would transcend her eventual death.

What we saw was a community that was strong for us so we could reserve our energy for the fight. We discovered that friends, family, and strangers who lived these moments with us saw Janet and me as an example of what is meant by “in God we trust”. Despite the fear of losing Janet, we still lived our lives as a tribute to God. We learned to cherish the good days as they were sprinkled in with the bad. And although the outcome was heart wrenching, we felt we could manage because somehow this cancer journey glorified God.

Similarly, now that that the election is over, the outcome is not what we expected. But reflecting, it was all those little moments that made this race worth more than any result. It was each interaction, each conversation, each event, that gave me the strength to fight for our children. Meeting people who care for parental rights and genuinely want to protect our children gave me hope. Although this journey was grueling at times, it was sprinkled in with some incredible moments which made this race close. And as a result, I believe I am stronger, bolder, and more convicted to do what is right for our precious children and our great country.

I am grateful to all who supported us emotionally, financially, and spiritually through this amazing journey. Take heart, because this political chapter has not ended, it has only started to be written. God has many great things in store for our family. And whatever the outcome, I promise to focus on every blessing from this stage forward because it is in God we trust!

With a truly humbled heart,

Dr. Stefan Bean



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A Proven Leader

In Educational Excellence

I have devoted my career to education, serving California’s students as a teacher, principal, education consultant and superintendent.  Having grown up as an English language learner and as a student with a disability, I possess a deep personal connection to all students. My belief is to unleash the potential in every student through an inclusive and rigorous education, rooted in the empathy for all scholars and 21st Century competencies like STEAM.

My proven track record includes:

  • In education 24 years

  • Teacher for four years

  • Principal for 10 years at two schools

  • Associate Superintendent for Aspire Los Angeles for 2 years

  • Superintendent for Aspire Public Schools, Los Angeles for 3 years

  • Master’s in education leadership from Loyola Marymount University

  • Doctorate in Leadership at CSUF


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